Cartagena Studio Trip

This past week our studio took a one week trip to Cartagena Colombia! Our studio trip was tightly packed, so most of the images I took were in between meetings and meals. It was nice having a break from life in the states, but not much of a break from studio work during the trip. We actually got to meet the mayor there, and lots of other influential people in Cartagena!

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Places to visit in London

So this is the post where I post a lot of pictures of places I've visited in London. I wanted to keep the picture count low for this post, but I realized that it is really impossible for me to make this a short post, since I've been living in London for around 4 months and been to a ton of places I want to share. All these places are organized in chronological order and no other specific ordering strategy! I will continue on my long a do eurotrip posts after this blog! First I'll just show a map of the places I've been in London! These places include architecture and restaurants that I visited and some places I wanted to visit but didn't have time!

I was tempted to split this post into many parts, but in the end I just went with this really long post! 

Here is the tldr photo album link of some of the places I visited in London

Also visit this page if anyone's interested in the Penndesign London AA Visiting Program!

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Penndesign London AA visiting program

Since schools in London have shorter semesters, the UPenn London AA starts a bit later than the normal 700 studios in Penn. (Approximately 10/1, but our own studios with Homa starts 9/17 with a short intro to the AA on 9/15). Living is also not accommodated by the school, so we had to look for short term leases on our own. ( Housing costs range from 150 pounds[275 USD] a week to 400 pounds[600 USD] a week, depending on location and size). In general most of us took 2 other electives along with our required studio course. Most of us also traveled a lot during the weekends because of the close proximity to amazing countries!  

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