Places to visit in London

So this is the post where I post a lot of pictures of places I've visited in London. I wanted to keep the picture count low for this post, but I realized that it is really impossible for me to make this a short post, since I've been living in London for around 4 months and been to a ton of places I want to share. All these places are organized in chronological order and no other specific ordering strategy! I will continue on my long a do eurotrip posts after this blog! First I'll just show a map of the places I've been in London! These places include architecture and restaurants that I visited and some places I wanted to visit but didn't have time!

I was tempted to split this post into many parts, but in the end I just went with this really long post! 

Here is the tldr photo album link of some of the places I visited in London

Also visit this page if anyone's interested in the Penndesign London AA Visiting Program!

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22 Cities In 45 Days! (6/27-8/12) | Part 3 (Venice)

This is part 3 of my trip, which consist mostly of the cities I visited in Italy! A friend of mine came from the states to join me in this Eurotrip(We both received the E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowship.) I thought I would be able to cover my whole trip in Italy my last post, but I was completely wrong... I think this post will be just of Venice similar to my last post, because the Art Biennale was going on when we were there. Maybe I will try to cover more or else this Euro trip will be split in too many parts!

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22 cities in 45 days! (6/27-8/12) | Part 1

This 45 day backpacking trip began after the end of my paris summer program. A friend of mine came from the states to join me in europe for this Eurotrip. As of now this has been the craziest and most energy consuming trip in my life. I'm not sure whether it was a good idea planning everything so condensed, but we definitely made the most out of each place we stayed. By the end of this trip I have already stayed in europe for over 80 days and travelled to 12 countries(including Vatican city) and over 23 cities across europe.

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